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The Electronics and Computer Science Division at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) participates in the Cadence University Program. Cadence offers a line of products for front- and back-end integrated circuit development. It includes electrical design and simulation, physical layout, and verification for fabrication process variations: geometry verification (DRC), layout versus schematic (LVS), and extraction for simulation (EXT). Some automated tools Cadence provides also include synthesis, layout place and route, timming analysis, floorplanning, and verification of ASICs.


Cadence products are used in research and coursework at UdeG. The following undergraduate courses at senior-level include teaching using Cadence products:

  • I6734 - Analysis and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices
  • I6737 - Analog Circuit Design
  • I7279 - Analog Circuit Design II
  • I7600 - Electronic System Design
  • I7280 - Digital Circuits

The following graduate courses include teaching using Cadence products:

  • IF549  - Synthesis of Arithmetic Circuits
  • UTT18 - Integrated System Design
  • UTT66 - Selected Topics in Embeded Systems II


Cadence products assist the design of Microelectronic / VLSI prototypes that contribute to the Masters' theses and Doctoral dissertations.



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Tutorial 0.5um NCSU technology - tutorial corto

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