The Circuit and System Research Group is formed by six professors:


Dr. Marco Antonio Gurrola Navarro

     Research Professor B (SNI level-1)

     Research Lines: Logic Synthesis, Microprocessors and SoC.


Dr. Agustín Santiago Medina Vázquez

     Research Professor A (SNI level-1)

     Research Lines: Analog Circuits including very low voltage, biomedical applications, floating gate CMOS, and energy harvesting.


Dr. Iván Rodrigo Padilla Cantoya

     Invited Professor (SNI level-I)

     Research Lines: Analog Circuits


Dr. Carlos Alberto Bonilla Barragán

     Research Professor A

     Research Lines: Microwaves


Dr. José Martín Villegas González

     Research Professor A

     Research Lines: Antennas


Dr. Mario Alberto García Ramírez

     Research Professor A

     Research Lines: Semiconductor Devices